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We are passionate about training the next generation of leaders. FP Impact is a ten month full time training program for those desiring to grow in leadership gifting, ministry skills and devotional commitment to God. Impacters are based at one of Mosaic’s Gatherings, but they are also part of a larger training programme, and they meet regularly with other students from across the north of England to receive teaching from experienced and gifted teachers and leaders.

What is FP Impact?

​FP Impact is for those looking to take a year out to serve the church full-time and gain theological training. The course is an excellent opportunity to explore your gifting and develop your character in the context of a local church. Impacters are based at one of Mosaic’s Gatherings and spend the majority of their time serving one or two ministries in the church. They also meet regularly with other Newfrontiers FP Impact trainees for residential training in Bedford to receive teaching from experienced and gifted teachers and leaders. Subjects include The Doctrine of God, Handling Money, Church History, Eschatology, Church Planting, Self-Leadership and Doctrine of the Church. There is an over seas mission trip and the opportunity to take part in Mosaic’s own internal training. This is a year in which you will grow dramatically in your knowledge and experience of God.

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    ​Working as an FP intern for Mosaic has been both amazing and challenging. I left my job as a tree surgeon and moved to Leeds to do FP shortly after getting married. I was blown away by how welcomed I was made to feel, both at the Sunday church meetings and in my community in Holbeck where I live. I was encouraged very quickly to invest in my community, get stuck into the life of the church and as a result my relationship with God grew and was transformed.

    The FP year was really varied, with time to study, serve and generally get stuck into anything that was thrown our way! My main focus areas were a parent and toddler group in Holbeck called ‘Acorns’, ‘Kidz Klub’ which focuses on bringing the gospel to young kids in Leeds, and spending time within the community at the local allotment in Holbeck. Highlights of the year have been seeing people come along to church as a result of going to these groups and also personally knowing God’s provision in many ways. I was blessed continually and through God providing for me in so many situations I have learned to trust God more in my life.

    As part of the year we met together with all of the FPers in the north region for theological training and teaching, which was of a very high standard and quality. It created a new passion for learning and studying in me!

    When I began the year I expected it to be about the projects I was going be involved in and where I would be making a difference. But it turned out that it was much more about growing in my relationship with God, receiving His transforming power in my life and allowing Him to work in my heart.

    I cannot recommend FP enough - if you can do it, then DO IT! It’s taught me a lot about myself, given me direction, and firmly rooted my identity in Jesus.

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    ​Frontier Project (FP) came up as an option when I was deciding what to do after University. At first, it wasn’t on my radar because I wanted to get a job, but then I sensed that God was telling me to do FP before I started anything else. Initial money concerns meant that I doubted my decision, but the day I started FP I knew God wanted me to be there.

    The year has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about God and myself, which has both challenged and grown my character and the way I live for God.

    FP has given me the freedom and opportunity to explore my passions and skills, which makes it a great platform for my future career path.

    Each ‘FPer’ picked a couple of projects to concentrate on; my main project was design. We were also encouraged to try new things that we are interested in – I’m not a natural planner but I managed to organise a central Mosaic event!

    The opportunities I have been given involve big responsibilities but at low risk, which makes this a great place to challenge myself and make mistakes in order to learn about my strengths.

    More importantly, my identity is now firmly rooted in Christ in a way that is more evident than ever before.

    On-going discipleship and theological training is transforming the way I think and act, and my deepened relationship with Jesus is becoming the firm foundation for everything I do.

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    My FP story started as I was preparing to finish my degree. After three great years growing in my faith while I was at uni, I knew that I wanted my life to be all about Jesus, so I decided that a year (although a sacrifice) would be completely worth it for what God would do. So, after a fair amount of consideration, I decided to come back home to Leeds to do FP at Mosaic. I came back not really knowing what to expect, but trusting it was the right thing to do. At the time it felt like a big move – starting again and joining a new community. As I was about to start, I remember someone who was involved in the year saying that it was going to be a significant year, as God would be revealing past hurts and disappointments then set about speaking truth and healing. I thought it was nice, but didn’t really know what they were talking about. Straight off the bat, God got to work in breaking down my barriers and protections I had put up over my life without even realising – the kind of things I guess we all do when we think about it. As He did this, He began to reveal who He really was and His truth over my life.

    Alongside God getting to work on my heart, I was also able to get stuck into projects and events within the church, helping mainly with students and gathering events. As an FP team, we also had great teaching and training from Mosaic, as well as from some of the best teachers around Newfrontiers coming to our central Bedford training. All of this gave us a great chance to learn lots, to grow and to be challenged in our various giftings. By the end of the year, I could look back and see what a dramatic transformation God had done in my life. Some of this change I saw practically – in my gifting and confidence. But most significantly, I noticed a change in what I knew about myself and who God says He is, and therefore, who He says I am. That is something I wouldn’t swap for anything.

    For anyone considering doing FP, either pre/post-uni or as a career break/change, I couldn’t recommend FP enough. What I have found is that as we sacrifice and set apart time for God, He responds ten-fold in the way He honours and uses it, for us and for His glory.

How To Apply

If you are interested in doing FP Impact in 2020/21, please email to find out more.

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    2019/20 FP Impacters

    The FP Impacters for 2019/20 are Laura Schubert and Josephine Mace.

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