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If you missed a Sunday gathering (or you’re just checking us out) you can listen to our latest Sunday talks here.

We aim to have talks available on this webpage within 5 days of them being recorded, but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

Archived Talks

Recent Talks


    Grace Ellerby reminds us that Christ’s love for us compels us to love those around us, beyond our natural circle, and become a part of his ministry of reconciliation.
    Watch Here:

    By Grace Ellerby on 21/03/2021
    Series: love
    Download MP3

  • Love Internationals

    The world needs a whole lot more love right now! Jesus gave a new commandment to his disciples to love others so that the world would know Him. Today Tom Eaton is looking at how we can love internationals better. Watch Here:

    By Tom Eaton on 14/03/2021
    Series: people we love
    Download MP3

  • Love:Nations Extra Dangerous People

    Simon Guillebaud challenges us again in his 2nd talk at Love Nations. Watch Here:

    By Simon Guillebaud on 07/03/2021
    Series: love:nations 2021
    Download MP3

  • Love Nations Extra Adventure Of Calling

    This Morning is our LOVE:NATIONS Extra service. Since we can’t meet in person for our LOVE:NATIONS conference, we are bringing video content to you with updates from all over the world and a challenging message from Simon Guillebaud. Watch Here:

    By Simon Guillebaud on 07/03/2021
    Series: love:nations 2021
    Scripture: genesis 4   |   Download MP3

  • Grace Works - Knowing God

    Dave Horsfall shares with us from Galatians from Galatians 3:2-14 about how knowing God brings unity in his church family and rescues us from the power of sin and death. Watch Here:

    By Dave Horsfall on 28/02/2021
    Series: grace works
    Download MP3

  • Grace Works - Dead Yet Alive

    Chris Hyliger speaks from Galatians 2:11-21 reminding us that we can trust fully in what Jesus has done for us and the freedom that brings. Watch Here:

    By Chris Hyliger on 21/02/2021
    Series: grace works
    Scripture: galatians 2:11-21   |   Download MP3

  • Grace Works - Fallen from Grace

    Matt Hatch reminds us from Galatians 2:1-10 that Christianity not a ladder to be climbed to God, but is trusting our lives to the cross of Jesus. Watch here:

    By Matt Hatch on 14/02/2021
    Series: grace works
    Scripture: galatians 2:1-10   |   Download MP3

  • Grace Works-Grace Transforms Lives

    Rich Bradley shares from Galatians 1:11-24 about how the grace of God transforms our lives. Watch here:

    By Rich Bradley on 07/02/2021
    Series: grace works
    Scripture: galatians 1:11-24   |   Download MP3

  • Grace Works - Galatians 1 (1:1-10)

    Matt Hatch begins a new series called Grace Works in the book of Galatians. Today he gives an overview of Galatians and shares from chapter 1:1-10. Watch here:

    By Matt Hatch on 31/01/2021
    Series: grace works
    Scripture: galatians 1:1-10   |   Download MP3

  • Ruth: Mercies in the shadows 4

    Dan Chadwick concludes our series in the final chapter of the book of Ruth where we see God’s love and faithfulness which foreshadows the love of Jesus. Watch here:

    By Dan Chadwick on 24/01/2021
    Series: ruth
    Scripture: ruth   |   Download MP3

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