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Who is Jesus?

​It’s safe to say that Jesus Christ is a figure who always causes controversy. Some love him and some hate him. It is quite incredible that a homeless, refugee carpenter from the backwaters of a small insignificant town in the Middle East has become a historic figure of such infamy. More books, paintings, sculptures, songs, and poetry have been written about him than any other person in history. And so most people have an opinion about him. The question is, is it the right opinion?

At Mosaic, Jesus is central to our understanding of being a Christian, being the Church and living life in the 21st century. He is, so to speak, the doorway you need to go through to fully understand our church and faith. So naturally we want to help people see the real Jesus. The main way this happens is through a course called ‘Intro’ - or you can simply ask someone what knowing Jesus means to them.

We challenge you - go on, ask someone… Find out more.

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