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Staff Team

Mosaic’s staff team works exceptionally hard to serve Mosaic through teaching, training, organising, administrating and much more.

  • Mosaic Church – Matt Hatch image

    Matt Hatch

    Founder and Senior Pastor of Mosaic, Matt’s hope is for Mosaic to create a disciple-making culture that sends people locally and globally. He is married to Philippa, with three children.

  • Mosaic Church – Dan Chadwick image

    Dan Chadwick

    Dan is the leader of Mosaic’s South Gathering. He is married to Emma and they live in South Leeds with their three children. He has been part of the staff team since 2012.

  • Mosaic Church – Rich Bradley image

    Rich Bradley

    Rich is the leader of Mosaic’s Central Gathering. He is married to Beth, they have a little girl called Robyn and live on the Hawksworth Estate. He’s been on the staff team since 2015.

  • Mosaic Church – Hannah Pearson image

    Hannah Pearson

    Hannah leads the Holbeck service and oversees Mosaic’s Discipleship Track. She is passionate about building the church in deprived areas and seeing broken lives made new. Hannah lives in Holbeck with her husband Matt and little boy Samuel and works 3 days a week.

  • Mosaic Church – Tom Eaton image

    Tom Eaton

    Tom joined the staff team in February 2020 as Associate Pastor for our North Gathering. He also heads up our Impact training. He is married to Julie and they have four children.

  • Mosaic Church – Emily Swingler image

    Emily Swingler

    Emily is the Kids Worker for Mosaic’s South Gathering. She works 2 1/2 days a week and joined the team at the end of 2016. Emily loves all things kids work, and is particularly good at winning all the games!

  • Mosaic Church – Jack C image

    Jack C

    Jack is the children’s worker at Mosaic’s North Gathering. He is passionate about building relationships with people of all ages, growing children’s understanding of God and their faith and playing fun games! Jack works 2 days a week and joined the team in September 2018, but is currently on leave.

  • Mosaic Church – Emma Mitchell image

    Emma Mitchell

    Emma is the children’s worker at Mosaic’s North Gathering while Jack is on leave. She works two days a week and is passionate about helping children learn more about God’s love for them and grow in faith, and loves singing and dancing!

  • Mosaic Church – Grace Ellerby image

    Grace Ellerby

    Grace is Mosaic’s Student Pastor and is based at our Central Gathering. She loves walking alongside students who are seeking to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Her heart is for a Mosaic student culture that is welcoming, authentic and hungry to grow in faith. She works 2.5 days a week.

  • Mosaic Church – Vicky Keating image

    Vicky Keating

    Vicky leads Mosaic’s Discipleship Track. She is passionate about pastoral care and discipleship, and loves seeing people’s lives transformed as they encounter more of God’s love for them. She works 1 day per week for Mosaic.

  • Mosaic Church – Dave Fahrer image

    Dave Fahrer

    Dave is the Strategic and Operations Lead, working with the Gathering Leaders to help make Mosaic’s vision a reality. He is passionate about the understanding the why and how that shapes what we do. Dave works 5 days a week and leads Mosaic’s Operations Team. He is married to Katie with a daughter.

  • Mosaic Church – Mike Vaux image

    Mike Vaux

    Mike oversees communications, manages our finances, is P.A. to Matt Hatch and helps with the operational running of the church. He is passionate about systems working well! Mike works 3 1/2 days a week, and has been on the staff team since summer of 2017.

  • Mosaic Church – Rhiane Horsfall image

    Rhiane Horsfall

    Rhiane is Mosaic’s Events Coordinator. She oversees large church events including training days, weekends away and conferences. Rhiane works 2 days a week for Mosaic and spends the rest of her week with her two fun and energetic daughters at home. She has been on the staff team since summer of 2017.

  • Mosaic Church – Catherine Peacock image

    Catherine Peacock

    Catherine does administration for the church, including answering emails and enquiries, helping with ChurchSuite and whatever else is needed! She works 2 days a week and has been working for Mosaic since summer 2017.

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